Ultra Weekend May 20th – 22nd
Tankmen!We have our 2nd interview in the new interview column. This time the player ShadowVisions is being interviewed, he is an active member of the community, one of the new DJs and has recently won the viewers choice in the Tanki Online Best of…!

Lhamster: Hi, what is your name on Tanki?

ShadowVisions: Hello, my name on tanki is ShadowVisions.

Lhamster: Cool name, how did you choose it?

ShadowVisions: Well, a while back we had a siberian husky named Shadow. I loved her very much, and when I had to choose a name a few years back for my playstation network name, I was inspired by her. I had to add something else as well, I thought of ShadowVisions, and it stuck.

Lhamster: That’s great way to choose a name! Tell us a bit about yourself, where do you live, what hobbies do you have etc.

ShadowVisions: Okay. I am 14 years old and I live in the state of North Carolina here in the U.S. I play various games on my pc’s and consoles, to name a few (besides tanki, of course) Minecraft and League of Legends. Outside of the gaming world, I work very hard academically and try to make room for other passtimes like sports and boy scouts.

Lhamster: How did you find out about Tanki and how long have you been playing?

ShadowVisions: Around November 2010 (about 1 year and 8 months ago) my brother got bored and searched for a tank game on google. Tanki was one of the top results, and he was immediately addicted. he showed my sister and I the game. Believe it or not, for a week or two I thought the game looked really stupid. Then, I tried Tanki out for myself, and after ranking up a little bit found the game very exciting, intense, and fun. As I play my favorite game today I cannot believe I once refused to try it out!

Lhamster: Awesome! What is your favourite combo and how did you find out it was the right one for you?

ShadowVisions: Through the warrant officer ranks of tanki I used freeze and hornet. I used hornet because I was very sick of going very slow and I could not tolerate anything else! I also loved how it could dodge twins/ricochet shots easily as well as other guns. As for freeze, I liked the capability to do massive damage in such a short amount of time. In fact if it were not for a new weapon I would have been freeze and hornet forever. But sometime through the rank of Warrant Officer 4 shaft came out and of course I bought it. I loved how it could do a lot of damage from very far away. I guess you could kind of say I took my freeze play style and applied it to shaft. I still attack aggressively with shaft, and even capture flags. It is a really awesome combo!

Lhamster: A shaft capturing flags is an unusual sight! What part of the game is the best in your opinion?

ShadowVisions: The battles themselves, and the community. It is great to interact with other people sharing a similar interest: Tanki!

Lhamster: Yeah it aways is. Are you part of a clan then?

ShadowVisions: Yes. I am a proud member of the Ironclads. 

Lhamster: What are your ambitions in Tanki?

ShadowVisions: Hmm. I haven’t thought much about that. But some things I would definitely like to do include reaching marshal, becoming even more skilled at the game and involved in tanki events, and helping out as many people as I can.

Lhamster: You recently won the Tanki Best of… Contest in the viewers choice, how did that feel?

ShadowVisions: It felt great. Getting that many views on my video was awesome. I know a lot of people learned from my video as well. And for the rewards- I got M2 mammoth and a lot of supplies, along with the real prize- a Tanki Online t-shirt!

Lhamster: Yeah, great prizes! Can you give us some tips on making a good video?

ShadowVisions: Sure. Before making a video, have a rough plan of what you want to do and what stuff you want to cover. If you don’t like where your video is going, don’t be afraid to start from scratch and learn from your mistakes. It’s great to have some friends that will watch your videos and give you feedback. Learn from comments you get and you will make an even better video next time! If you plan on doing commentary, be yourself. Don’t try to be someone you aren’t!

Lhamster: Nice, I’ll try to remember that next time I make one! You are also now a DJ for the Tanki Radio, what’s that like?

ShadowVisions: DJ’ing is one of my favorite things to do now, since I have live viewers that I can interact with. I get to work with a lot of great people and talk about a variety of stuff. And if I’m doing something wrong, I’ll know it within a few seconds! It’s great to be able to spread the tanki news.

Lhamster: What sort of things will you be doing on the radio?

ShadowVisions: I play music, stream gameplay, take requests, have live call-ins from viewers through Skype, and will later broadcast special events like world cup matches and other tanki events!

Lhamster: Sounds like your shows will be great, thanks for talkng to me! 

ShadowVisions: No problem! Thanks for the interview.  Bye!

ShadowVisions winning video can be seen here, along with other videos on his channel here, and the Tanki Radio where he will be streaming can be found here.