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Ultra Weekend May 20th – 22nd
Dear Tankmen!
So, this is it. The inaugural Tanki Online World Cup is down to its final four contestants. Very soon, the crown of the best tanki playing country will be handed out to one of the countries still remaining, namely, Germany, India, Russia, or Saudi Arabia. Within the matter of a few weeks, the prize that so many tankmen, 220 to be exact, have been fighting for will be given out to the ten winners from the best country in Tanki Online.

However, whatever the outcome will turn out to be, it is already clear that the first Tanki Online World Cup has been a roaring success for the English community. The World Cup has been the first English tanki contest on such a scale, and for the results to have been as they are has been amazing!

The overall organisation and planning has been amazing, a far cry of the “day-before” syndrome of the mosquito battles organisation. Yes, there have been a number of problems, such as drugs not being given out at the right times and certain battles not going ahead as planned, but that is to be expecting for a contest occurring during the developing years of the Tanki Community. On the whole, it’s certainly been a very good cybersport show.

The whole of the English Tanki Community seems to have get involved: on the lobby chats, people are talking about the World Cup games, and the viewing counts for Snyper22’s excellent commentary and streaming has been as high as 250 at certain times: that’s more than if all the tankmen competing in the World Cup were all watching at the same time!

It is certain that the contest has been a great show so far, not least because of some fantastic battles that have been going on! Yes, some of the battles have been one-sided and boring to watch, but others have been exciting and a great show for tankmen. I have not been able to watch them all, but one that was an absolutely amazing battle to watch was the battle which KSA edged over Russia. A pity was that the battle was reversed because of the original declaration of attack being edited, but it was an amazing game to watch nonetheless, with two teams going hammer and tongs at each other. One of the other matches I really enjoyed was the Holland-Poland game right at the start of the World Cup. What was the battle of the World Cup for you?

Hopefully there will be some more amazing battles for us to watch between the last four teams, which have all taken very different routes to get to this point. All four teams, India, KSA, Russia, and Germany, were among the favourites at the start of the World Cup. Russia was the place where tanki were created, whilst KSA and Germany have been traditional hotspots of tanki playing, as is evidenced in the fact that the only official game forums are made for those two countries, as well as English and Russian. India, on the other hand, consisted of a main contingent from one of the strongest English clans, Dare Devils, and their experience of playing together was expected to be a key factor in their battles, and so it has proved.

The World Cup has managed to separate each of the teams into a group of categories. There were those who never had much of a chance, like Vietnam and Malaysia, who crashed out very early in the tournament. There then were those who seemed to have a chance, but who dropped out pretty early, like the USA and Canada. And there were those who looked bright but fell away when facing the strongest teams, like Japan and Moldova.

Yet now, out of the twenty-two, there are four teams remaining. But how did they get this far in the competition?

Out of the four remaining teams, India, KSA, and Russia have been leading the World Cup standings right from the outset. They took an early lead, quickly taking factories off weaker nations, and topped the standings, along with Italy. Germany, on the other hand, had a far tougher route, struggling along with a small number of factories each week. But they are still there in the world cup, and despite Germany being by far the outsider to win the World Cup at the moment, they still have a shout! And, if there’s one thing we’ve learned from this World Cup, it’s not to write anyone off.

After all, nobody gave Japan much of a prayer at the start of the World Cup, especially not when they lost their opening game to Italy. But they struggled along to a very commendable sixth place in the Cup. And nobody expected lowly Poland to put big guns Holland out in the first round, but they did.

And who knows? Maybe we’ll get some more surprises in the remaining games left in the world cup. Who’s your pick for the World Cup? Do you think that the established experience of Russia will bring them through, or that they will be surprised by one of the other three?

But as I said above, no matter the outcome, this World Cup will always be remembered for what a success it has been. And for that, we must congratulate Bruce Lunga, koolwalky and Snyper22, for doing a great job of running the World Cup so far. And there are rumours going around about a World Cup next year, so you never know what might happen! You ready to participate? Get your battle engines started – it might be your turn next time around!