YouTubers VS Developers

Have you caught one of the special 200 gold boxes yet! Have you seen one? How close have you come to catching one? What would you do if you got one? Is all you would do show it off, or would you be able to buy a new flashy weapon or tank?

Euro 2012 started yesterday with a match between Greece and Poland, and that signalled the start of the 200 gold boxes dropping all over Tanki Online! The boxes are no longer completely gold, but contain a football design on each face of the box, as we can see from this picture posted on the forum:


Don’t they look fantastic? Have you caught one yet? How much are you willing to pay to catch one?

Lots of tankmen have been showing off their stunning catches on the forum, so keep hunting to try to find some more! They fall as regularly as the normal gold boxes did, so if you got one of the old gold boxes, maybe you will catch one of the new ones as well!

The first tankman who posted their picture of the gold box on the English forum was Alklines, and he has been followed by many more! Post your gold box catches on the forum and enjoy the opportunity! In three years’ time, you could be a celebrity for having caught one of the special boxes! 😉 Good luck with catching one!

There was also an interesting picture on the forum taken during the Poland vs Greece game:

Even footballers take time out from football to catch gold! 😛

Good luck on the battle!