YouTubers VS Developers
Hi TankmenThis is for all of us who love to parkour in the maps, here is a tutorial on parkouring on the Island map and climbing on the top of the tallest building. To tankmen took their time to teach everyone how its done.

What you will need: 3 players on Mammoth, Dictator+Railgun and Wasp+Railgun respectively.

The mammoth is used as the lift to the roof, and the dictator is to be a crossbow and the other player with the wasp and railgun .The wasp should turn on nitro supply then they shoot at the same time while the wasp reverses off the dictator and lands on the roof of the tallest building:

Thanks to AwesomeBlake33712 and BLASTOISE-T12 for presenting this pro parkour.  Leave a comment and let us in on some tanki tutorials too 🙂