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New Year Release!
Tanki Online has been updated to version 117 by means of New Year mood! Meet gold boxes of 200 crystals, secret hints on the maps and a Hunter M0 as a gift in the Garage! Lets’ discuss on the forum.
Seasons greetings tankmen!
Your Christmas may depend on what others do for you. But your Happy New Year depends on what you do for others.Thank you very much for the New Year wishes. After long decision making we have finally come up with the winners in the “20 seconds to new year” contest. Results are announced in the forum.
Happy holidays!
Dear friends, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! The holiday season has begun. A special holiday map is available for you in the game. For more details, see the forum.
Newspaper issue 7 out!

Hello Tankmen!

Seasons greetings! The Tanki Online english press group has decided to release this month’s issue early enough for christmas. Catch up on the latest stories in the seventh issue of the english community newspaper. Take part in contests and win crystals but for more details visit the forum!

Merry Christmas!
We wish you all a merry Christmas and here is our special offer for you! From Monday December, 24 to Thursday December, 27, crystals cost 25% less if paid for via PayPal or by prepaid cards. Thus, you get crystals for $12.5 after paying only $10. See the forum for more details.
10 000 crystals prize!
We welcome you to “Friendly tankman” contest! Invite friends to www.TO2013.com and win prizes on January, 15. The friendliest tankman will receive 10 000 crystals! Read about other prizes on our forum.
Release 114 – Rebalance!
Finally! Rebalance is out! “Tanki Online” updated to version 114. Hurry up into your garage to spend your crystals again. Good luck. Discuss this on forum.

Rebalance at your doorsteps
Greetings, players! Here are some battlefront news for you. Rebalance is expected to arrive at the battlefield tonight! See forum for more details.
Win 2013 crystals!
Dear friends, you are welcome to our special New Year website www.TO2013.com. You can leave your wishes and congratulations, let’s make the Internet a kinder place! There is also a chance to win 2013 crystals – see our forum for more details.
Lets discuss the rebalance
Rebalance is a series of radical changes in the game. The “Tanki Online” game designers has been preparing for it for a long time. For one to realize that the game will be better after the rebalance one has to refer to the various aspects of “Tanki Online”. Before we go into any conclusions, lets give the rebalance a general look. Lets discuss the rebalance in the forum.

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